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Value Addition of Non-Timber Forest Produces (NTFPs)(2012)Phase I

The project aims at the development of new innovate process of forest produce, with the help of Solar powered cabinet dryers which are designed, developed and commercialized by Society for Energy, Environment & Development (SEED) for high quality product and value addition of the product. A special device called ‘Blue glass filter’ is also used in this investigation to stimulate the shade drying in cabinet dryer. The following products such as Andrographis paniculata (Neelavemmu), Asparagus racemosus (Satavari), Decalepsis hamiltonii (Maredugaddalu) and Sterculi aurens (Gum Karaya) were processed for value addition and high quality products which have great demand in domestic and export markets. The Project aims at various parameters processes such as reduced moisture levels, shade and fast drying for retention of high values of medicinal and nutritional values in herbal and medicinal products. The effects of pretreatments, fast drying and shade drying of the products were studied which were processed in the commercial solar dryer. The drying conditions were also investigated during the research with and without U.V.Reduction Blue filter. Results showed that the Medicinal value retention was high in drying of Forest produces with U.V. Reduction blue filter when compared with Solar drying and Open Sun/Shade Drying.

Developed By: Society for Energy Environment and Development (SEED)

Current Status:

By processing of Forest Produces in clean and hygienic conditions scientifically provides value addition to the Forest Produces with High Quality and improves the Income of Tribal Farmers. Technology was transferred to Tribal's located at Vishakaptnam forest area, Rajhamundry and Kurnool Agency areas.

Concerned Person: R. Shyamala

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