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Bakery(2012)Phase II

Agriculture in mountain has been considered unattractive as it is not as productive as in flat land. Mountain definitely outgrows nutritional crops and some pseudo-cereals as compared to any other crops. In order to make farming more productive, value addition of local produce is one more initiative. Rural areas have huge markets for the bakery products and all such products are imported from the urban area, despite the availability of raw material in the local region. Keeping this problem in view; HESCO took the initiative to fabricate low cost bakery, and product protocols. 35 rural women and farmers were trained on bakery product preparations and other value added products.

Ø Bakery was developed in total participation of the community and its value added products. The trial were taken within community

Ø Feasible trials of bakery unit were found suitable. The trials have been taken in several locations.

Ø Among the Rural Women & Villagers

Ø Technologies provides as a services/facilities

Technology use of employment and as technology fabrication

Direct beneficiaries: 35

Enterprises Created: 02 (fabricators)


Income Enhanced/Savings Incurred:  Rs.59,400/year

Developed By: Himalayan Environmental Studies And Conservation Organisation (HESCO)

Current Status:

Feasible trials of bakery unit have been found suitable. The trials have been taken in several locations.

Concerned Person: Dr. Kiran Negi / Dr. Himani Purohit

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